Synology Surveillance Station Welche Kamera?(Beste Lösung)

What IP cameras work with Synology?

Top IP Cameras for Synology Surveillance Station

  • Hikvision Compatible Camera.
  • Amcrest Ultra HD.
  • Reolink C1 Pro.
  • Reolink Outdoor Camera.
  • Amcrest 5 MP Poe.

How many cameras can my Synology support?

How many cameras can I use with my Synology NAS. The total number of cameras depends on the NAS server, but generally, each server can handle a dozen or more cameras — more than a home would need. What is this? The DS218+, for example, can support up to 25 cameras.

Do Unifi cameras work with Synology?

If you have a Synology NAS, then you can connect your Unifi Camera to the Synology Surveillance Station. With the Surveillance Station, you can record videos based on motion or time, send alerts when motion is detected and save the recording for a given amount of time.

Does Arlo work with Synology?

Arlo Pro2 is a closed system and you cannot use it with Synology Surveillance Station.

How do I connect my IP camera to my Synology NAS?

Add Cameras

  1. Go to Add > Add Camera.
  2. Select Quick Setup or Complete Setup and click Next.
  3. Select a server on which you want to install the camera and click Next.
  4. Enter the following Information settings:
  5. If you selected Quick Setup, click Finish to complete setup.
  6. Click Next to edit the following recording settings.
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Is Synology Surveillance Station secure?

Synology Surveillance Station delivers a reliable, private security solution to help keep the ones you love and things you care about the most, safe and always in sight. Through the user-friendly video management tools and an intuitive desktop-like interface, being in two places at once has never been easier.

How many licenses does Surveillance Station come with?

Surveillance Station includes two free camera licenses by default. When it’s time to grow your system, the Camera License Pack lets you add additional cameras and devices to Surveillance Station.

What is Synology Surveillance Station client?

Synology Surveillance Station Client is a desktop utility which provides quick, simple and powerful way to access Surveillance Station on your Synology products.

Are EUFY cameras compatible with Synology?

Synology NAS is verified and compatible with the eufy Security. Other brands will need you to discover.

Do blink cameras work with Synology?

The Blink system would not be compatible with the Synology Surveillance Station.

Can you connect Arlo to NAS?

Note: Network-attached storage (NAS) devices and drives with multiple partitions are not currently supported. Warning: Do not use the Arlo base station or SmartHub to format storage devices with more than 2 TB of storage capacity.

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